​​​​Black Emergency Services


Hearing, listening and clarifying your needs


​Helping you to develop effective strategies to navigate anti-blackness wherever you are

The needs of Black community members are unique, but what often connects our experiences is the reality that we have to develop skills and supports to help us navigate and challenge racism in all sectors of our lives. From education to healthcare and from developing healthy lifestyle choices to building our wealth, Black people often find themselves having to explain that racism is still a very real thing. 

Not so here.

At Black Emergency Services we recognize that being Black means, by definition, that you are always living in a state of emergency. So let us know what you need. We are ready to serve. 



putting you in touch with those who can help.

What We Do

We offer connections to a range of networks, all designed to help you reach your potential in an anti-Black world.

Whether you're looking for support to navigate racism in a particular sector, or you have decided to build a business that can help others in your community do the same,  we have you covered.

Links to our network of service providers are available here so that you can get precisely what you need when you need it.

Don't worry... we got you!